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Thread: Hide my trace

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    Hide my trace

    Hi all...
    can i hide my trace/identity in the network

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    huh? if you are talking about your IP address, you can hide it somewhat. and on which network? this websites network?

    if this is what you are talking about, you are already hiding it by using a proxy server. or you can get anonymizer. www.anonymizer.com

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    On which network? Internet network?

    What you are talking abou ?

    If you use a MS Win version, so use the prog "Stealther" the latest version is 2.7
    or you can get anonymizer. www.anonymizer.com

    Bye Zarathustra

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    hide my trace

    hey, get this straight
    this is usually impossible if you are on a Network. Rather impossible to hide your trace/identity in the network.
    it's me V-I-R-U-S.

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    Not sure what you're trying to do.

    I have no idea what you're asking, please rephrase the question so it is easily understood.

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