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    Abit KX7-333 and AGP...

    I have a problem... In fact, by one or another silly coincidence, I've had the same problem twice.

    I tried installing an extra 256MB of DDR-266 on my 'old box' (Athlon XP 1800, Radeon 8500, Asus K7A-266). I got the BIOS-beeps for bad memory sticks. I removed the second (the newer) one, and restarted the box. All fans started running as usual (even the one on the Radeon), but there's no signal on my monitor. I replaced the Radeon with another AGP-card: still nothing. I removed all the memory-stics: BIOS-beeps. I disconnected everything but the Radeon...still nothing. I even tried a PCI video card....
    The memory I tried to add was exactly the same as the original (Apacer).

    I assembled a new Abit KX7-333 with 512 DDR (Apacer 2 x 256MB 333), a Radeon 7500/Abit Siluro GeForce2/Creative Geforce2-Mx400 (I tried all those combinations)... same problem: no monitor signal. I tried it with only 256DDR, I tried it with those three video-cards, I tried it... actually, I think I've tried every possible combination...

    I'm sure it's not the monitor(cable) and not the AGP-cards... Any other suggestions?

    Right now, I'm assembling another Abit KX7-333 RAID with 256 DDR and a Radeon 8500... If this one doesn't work, I'm gonna cry...

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    Are you sure the beeps are for bad memory sticks? Or is it for the video card? I had a similar problem once, and all i had to do was properly push the video card all the way in, so it was properly attached to the motherboard.
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    Do you have another computer you can try the monitor on? That would rule out a problem of a bad monitor cable. Also, check to make sure that none of the pins are bent on the connection for the monitor.

    As for a problem with the memory or AGP card, Abit is notorious for having their AGP card slots very difficult to insert cards into. I would recommend, as morfius mentioned, to reinsert the video card. With I rebuilt a machine after the motherboard fried, I purchased a Abit motherboard and received a series of beeps as well, notifying me of bad memory. I looked online, however, and found other people with the similar problem who simply reinserted the AGP card, bearing down on it to make sure it was inserted all the way. I tried this, and it immediately worked.


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    BIOS settings, perhaps? (Probably not, given the different mobos, but you never know) Or maybe the monitor, just not the monitor cable...

    I know this sounds horribly low-tech, but when you try booting and there are no memory beeps but the monitor shows nothing, does the computer go through it's regular sort of startup routine? Does it 'sound' the same? Do you think it boots up, it's just that you can't see what's happening with the monitor?

    Does either motherboard have an onboard POST code display? (Funny, I was looking at KT333-based motherboards for a while now, any feedback on the Abit version?)

    That, and, just on the wacky off-chance... what about *other* devices? If nothing else works, try tossing out any PCI LAN adapters, etc.
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    memory speed is controlled in the bios settings, for example 100, 133 etc etc, and u have to let the mobo know its speed, and if you bios supports it, Hardware monitor, which will tell you heat, V+ V- etc.


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