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    Video cam for my PC...

    My friends and I are interested in video hookups for our PC's so we can see each other online. This is a new area to me - can anyone advise good cameras, cards, prices, etc? I also thought this might help someone else interested in video for their PC so as much input as possible will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, everyone!


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    Do you want a web cam, digital cam, digital recorder or a Web/Dig Cam Combo?

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    if you want a web cam, i have a logitech quickcam 3000 it uses a usb connectionand it works nice....... i got it on ebay for 50$ or so. yahoo messenger also has the option for web cams so that you can see who you are talking to if you amd your friends want to video conference. there are other programs that do the same thing but y/m is a free service.

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    You could get a webcam at compusa for like 13.00 it's there cheap generic camera but it works. It takes live feed, snapshots. If you want video. You can get this cable that connects to your t.v. and goes to your pc for audio and video. That's like 8.00 at Radio Shack. This way you can view everything on the t.v. instead of the computer. I recently had to do this for work, we had to setup a video conference in the UK. It actually worked really well since we didn't have the correct materials. Kind of Like Mcguyver
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    Try to visit your local PC store.I'm sure there are lots of different video cams there that you might want. And besides you can see the demo on how do they work and what type of cam do you want.
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    I have an Aiptek Pencam. I payed 35 USD for it and it works exceptionally great. It can be used as a webcam, digital camera, and digital camcorder. For it's small size the images are very clear, and I haven't had any problems at all with it. And the great thing about it is it's size. I also highly recommend SpotLife software for use with it. Nothing but great things from it.

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    I would say get a USB camera over a Video capture card type one.
    Much easier to set up and i paid $85AUS for ACER USBwebcam that makes short clips(avi's).
    Setting up a camera can be tricky so just try differant light settings and camera refresh rates.

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