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Thread: Quote message to PM

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    Quote message to PM

    If one PM's someone via some of his/her posts, it doesn't quote the post. I think if one is PM'ed via his message the PM probably has something to do with the message.
    (By PM'ing someone via his/her message I mean clicking the "pm" button just above the "Post assigned"-o-meter)
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    But you have to enter a subject line for the PM, so if you make the subject correspond to whatever you're talking about, it shouldn't be a problem. Also, if I want to PM someone, I don't go and look for their profile, I just find a recent post by them and then send them a message from there... this kind of feature would be very annoying considering I would have to delete the quote or have an extraneous link to a thread which doesn't relate to my message at all. Just my opinion.


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