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Thread: XP and linux

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    XP and linux

    I was gonna get XP soon and I did some research, I read that you can't boot in to DOS from XP. So, does that mean I can't use fips? And does that mean that I can't open up an MS-DOS prompt fro inside XP? And so must I use something like partition magic? 'Cause I like fips and the other partitioning utils that come with my rh distro.

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    Actually, XP does have similar things to the MS-DOS prompt. I consider it to be a newer version of MS-DOS, since most of the old MS-DOS commands is still in use in this "shell" under XP.

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    When in XP, a dos-prompt is still available. Start-> Run -> command or cmd and you will get a prompt.
    The only way we've been able to get a workable Command prompt from boot when running XP was to install DOS first and XP as a secondary OS. Not certain if fips will run from the windows command line though, I've never used it from there.


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    From what I understand, fips was made for 16-bit DOS, and although XP can prompt with DOS commands, it's using a newer 32-bit DOS (which, IMO sucks horribly), so if at anytime you plan to run fips from the XP DOS, it most likely won't work.

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    You don't have to use anything except for the built-in pratitioning tool that comes with the XP installation. If you want to use FIPS, you can simply boot to DOS via a boot disk, and run it from there, though why not just use what you comes with XP? That way, you can set up your XP partition, and then install Linux afterwards onto the rest of the drive. Otherwise, you can always use FDISK or another partitioning tool from a DOS boot disk.

    As for opening the DOS prompt from within XP, as the others mentioned, you can simply go to "Run" and type: "cmd" (without the quotes), though it is simply a DOS emulation. You can also find it under the Accessories menu of the "All Programs" portion of the Start Menu, under the name "Command Prompt"


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