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    Osama/Usama bin Laden

    now... don't get me wrong... i understand that Osama and Usama are some how interchangeable for his name... but the question i am posing is this... how come, ever since i was like 12, i have always heard about Osama bin Laden, but now since 9/11 a good portion of the time they refer to him as Usama? i find this a little confusing. maybe it was just something i never noticed, because he was talked about a lot less on the news prior to 9/11, but i just found it odd...

    ***ironic note: now that they refer to him as usama his first three letters of his name are USA... conspiracy maybe...
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    Lol..I have no Idea, then again...The NSA are no closer to finding him than a blind sheepard with a stick who got droped of a plane and landed in USA-ma's terretory.....

    - Noia
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    There is no "official" standard for translating
    names from one language to another.

    The capital of China has been called
    Peking, Peiping, and Beijing. It is still
    the same place.

    When Arabian Nights was first translated into
    English, many years ago, it set the standard
    for English pronunciation of many Arabic words,
    but more recent scholars would like to adjust
    spellings and pronunciations to sound more like
    people talk today.

    The newspapers get caught up in the trend,
    always wanting to be more accurate.

    So why don't we change the English spelling
    of Paris to Paree?
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    Well Osama and Usama both are the same. People are named 'Osama' but their spelling could be anything. There isn't any convention of spelling when it is translated into English from Arabic.
    Peking is officially called Beijing as it is the new name for the China's capital.
    Who knows it could even be a conspiracy.
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    Originally posted here by hollow_man
    Well Osama and Usama both are the same. People are named 'Osama' but their spelling could be anything.
    Wow. You must be some kind of Scholar.

    Unfortunately, my own answer is just as pathetic. Here are a few other names the worlds number one scapegoat has been known to use-

    Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin
    Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin
    The Prince
    The Emir
    Abu Abdallah
    Mujahid Shaykh

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    You also forgot The Doctor and The Honcho. Those are seriously some of his codenames.

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    Osama/Usama.....same *******....i would like to see him get pineapples shoved up his butt until he explodes.... but that is just me.....
    P.S.: I am mad

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    Originally posted here by Conf1rm3d_K1ll

    ... number one scapegoat ....

    Maybe so, but he was asking for it. You dont think he is responsible for 911? That is an intersting topic therre all in it self. I dont hear alot of people here in Texas negating the fact thathe is resonsible. Tell me more of your opinoin.
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    tell you what toker... i don't know who is responsible for 9/11... but you can build a strong case for more people then osama bin laden.

    for example the french have built a strong case in support of the United States, being the mastermind of the whole ordeal. Osama bin Laden was just an easy target to frame anyhow. i repeat i do not know who did it, nor do i have a theory, but i am beginning to seriously doubt his involvement. reason number 1 being that he never claimed credit for it (not like he did the other times he did these things) the only "concrete" evidence is some hoaky tape of him talking that the translation keeps changing on. some day the truth might come up.... or maybe not... i mean look at the kennedy assassination.
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    Okay, So we can't find Bin Laden (Osama\Usama - FK-a-llama) the government decides to make up stories (Buried in cave, dies from neglect to his diabetes, blown up somewhere) that doesn't work. What do we do now? Let's attack Iraq, that would distract everyone from our incompetence. Sorry All, This just makes me SICK!!!! US Bombed a wedding killing innocent people "we want compensation" terrorist fkn' fly into a building killing innocent people in the plane & building" our compensation would to see every last mfkn one of you dead right about. Please don't slam the negs on me. I'll try to avoid these threads, I just had to get that off my chest.

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