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    Well, true, hotmail's exploits might still be left to be discoverd. However, isn't it a good thing that now, it is "SAFER" than before where anyone could obtain your password? If you were America's no. 1 hacker, "which has been banned from ever touching a computer again", who can crack 128-bit encryption within 5 min., then, there are no servers on earth that you can't gain access to...
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    You unplug your computer, you power it down, remove the power supply, and fill the whole thing with nonconductive sprayfoam which will eventually dry. Then you weld the external case bits together, as well as welding a plate over the area the power supply used to be in. Take off the front panel, and weld a plate over that too. Now drop the whole thing into a pocket dimension. Close the exit.

    I guess the problem with the "Hack Hotmail" questions is just how they tend to assume that there IS a simple i-can-understand-it-and-do-it-easy method which is just an arcane conspiracy secret that they must ask for. When in reality it may vary from day to day, depending on how the target user logs in, etc. Breaking into hotmail and getting full system access? I find it unlikely that would happen any time soon (maybe I'm optimistic). But as for single-account intrusions, a large amount of it depends on attacking the user more than the account. IE: Cookie stealing, Keyboard Logger, Social Engineering.


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    social engineering the victim to get the answer to their secret question will still work, that is hacking am i right?

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    Ya, now all the script kiddies can run back to playing with AOL and surfing porn like they should be doing.
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