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    Ok,so I've been a pain in the ass on the forum in the last few weeks(that's probably why I was banned from AO) and I am sorry for cursing some people who had nothing to do with me and were just random victims...now I want a little question answered:Are many of you and your girl/boy friends sarcastic or have a great sense of humor?It seems to be quite common between computer folk(Me and my girlfriend do...).Ok,so I'm 13,SO WHAT?LoL!Ok,enough ranting...thank you in advance

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    Um....... some of us here are extremly nerdy, and does not really understand jokes. Guess what? I'm not one of those...

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    LoL!Ok tx lawrence171,I wil be expecting some other answers soon...ahem...SOON!LOL!j/k.Anyways I'm glad to hear that!

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    Victt>. you are an idiot always have been. People used to trust you until you broke their trust. Asking for their IPs etc. Grow up and get a life. also enjoy the negs

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