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Thread: *BUG* searching *BUG*

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    *BUG* searching *BUG*

    my first post in like 3 weeks i belive and sadly say it is to report a bug : (

    While looking for a poem i posted on here i came across a problem

    the title of the post was "A poem of love by NetSyN"

    using the search function i told it just to search for any thread that title contains the word NetSyN and it came up with nothing

    I then searched for the word LOVE posted by user exact name NetSyN

    neither worked...

    I think tryed 'life' by netsyn and came up with nothing when i clearly have made a poem i posted with the word life in it before...

    needless 2 say i searched the cosmo forum manually and came up with the post and am curious why this happened...

    Maybe it doesnt search cosmo ? Or maybe sumthing elese...

    a response from JP on the matter would be nice or any other user that can clarify this also or give further info...

    SUGGESTION: Maybe add a feature to search a certine forum such as General or OOPS for a certine word or by certine users... This could be a big help to some users for obvious reasons

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    there's been reports about the search engine giving 0 results on obvious keywords.

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    There's another such report here: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=231598 No one's been able to figure out exactly what it is, and JP hasn't responded yet...


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    dependig on how long ago you posted it, it appears that the search engine is only going back x number of weeks, not searhing all posts. Why? I got no idea....
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