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    Good point .... the thread went from very positive to suicidal in minutes with a mass allocation of neg AP's to a large number of posters. I find it hard to fathom why all of a sudden there would be a mass of people sitting there with their fingers poised over the "button" so to speak.

    Food for thought though. If it were more than one person who allocated neg AP's to a particular post would this not show in the AP Centre ?

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    This is a little different, but I posted a suggestion tonight regarding suicide threads, where a certain person posts, gets negatives and the post is closed, a valid post to begin with.

    I have also thought that somehow, after a certain time, and a thread has died, a thread can no longer receive any antipoints. There are people who insist on going to older threads and balancing out their points, and you could have made a comment, for example my comments on the "I Am American" thread were very controversial, and I'm still receiving negatives for them. But what if, as time changes, my views change, by going back and putting more negatives, or positives on a thread I made three months ago to balance out your points on a view that may have changed since then, doesn't seem very fair either. I mean, what if someone asked how to hack hotmail, but really wanted to learn, and (I know, bad example) completely changed his attitude since then. He would most likely get banned because of a few comments.

    I guess everything has their negative sides, everything can be abused one way or another, and I'm you certainly can't please everyone, but I do think there is some tweaking to the antipoint system that could be done, such as the old posts and the suicide threads. I also think that there should be a limit to how many antipoints you can assign per thread. That means, you can't go through an entire thread and give each person in the thread negative points...maybe only 5 people, there has to be some kind of limit on that....

    What are your thoughts?

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    Originally posted here by Terr
    I wonder.... does the Suicidal-thread feature have checks to make sure that the negative AP's being assigned are not all from one user (or from one several accounts in succession with the same IP range?...)
    i strongly agree with terr.. recently i posted one thread at general chit chat... and that thread got negetive response and it died out. but then the people who gave me negs on that thread , the same people gave me negs ( of no reason ) at one of my thread at that tech humour also .. just out of frustration... so i just wanted to ask.. jp what can u do about this... ??
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