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Thread: AP reasons

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    dizmairu...it's important in this thread to not come off as whining, or you'll get negged and the post will go suicidal. I think there's a lot of valid points being stated here, and it has a lot to do with the Suicide Threads post I started in this same forum. If we don't whine, state our opinions with a cool head and be mature about it, maybe things will be changed. Be positive!!! LadyHaxXOr made a good post in another thread pertaining to perceptions of what people type. I remember your previous posts as mairu, and I remember the thread you're referring to, some people might have perceived it as whining, when in fact, it may have just been an honest query as to why it was happening. I want this thread to be perceived as an honest query and not a whining session, and really that's up to both the posters and the readers to make that happen. The posters to this thread need to make it clear that they want something changed without whining about how horrible it is, etc. so that the reader has no choice but to see that there are people looking for answers and not simply just making a pointless rant about some reds they received.

    I think that made sense.

    This should probably be an entire different thread, but there's even more I think should be changed to the whole Antipoint system, but there's quite a few threads already and people haven't been here yet to stomach all of them. I don't see the balancing act as being very positive. I think that it should only pertain to assigning too many negatives. I don't think that a person should be unbalanced because they assigned too many positives. I see far more posts that deserve greens rather than reds, and I realize that the balance isn't 50/50 but I think that the new balancing system has a LOT to do with the strange assignments people have been receiving lately. I didn't want to conform to the whole idea of the balancing, but I got so tired of Mr. Myagi's quote on the front page of AO I couldn't take it anymore. I really prefer not to give out reds if I don't have to. I don't like to feel obligated to be negative towards someone, people take criticism differently. There are a lot of younger people here and what can be taken as constructive criticism to an adult, won't be constructive to someone younger (Example being hating your parents for being so damn strict growing up, but when you get older, you understand why they were the way they were). I think all things should be considered when implementing a new feature. I know JP spends a lot of time doing what he does with this site, although I don't have a clue to what it exactly entails. I feel guilty in a way for criticizing features that he's created, but at the same time, I think it's important to share experiences, even if you're telling people the pointless negatives you've gotten, even if it creates more negatives for you and ultimately gets you banned. Maybe it will change. I really do hope something is done about the balancing system...I'm honestly beginning to think that's the cause for all of these pointless negatives...

    And remember what I said: It's not that I get negatives that's the problem, please don't perceive this as whining. I just want a valid reason as to why I'm getting them, the same with positives. There have been some positive points I received and had no reason for them that I contacted the user to find out. It's easier to give a reason for a positive antipoint because you're praising someone instead of disagreeing with them, but if you're disagreeing, PLEASE tell me why, so I can do something about it. As for the guy thing I mentioned before, I can't really change the fact that I'm female...but I'm willing to give it a try...hehehehe maybe I could buy a fake mustache at the costume shop down the road if that appeases you... *LOL* j/k

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    hey, khakisrule
    i don't beleive it was a gang up stuff, i know of some newbies who got banned with just a post, just one post( but a suicide post) so get the difference.
    MsMittens, Negative and JP all know about this guy, i can't really remember the name but am certinily sure that MsMittens knows this better!!
    i overheard this in the Chat room, when MsMittens was telling JP about this, probabely few weeks ago.
    6red dots gets you Banned from the site.

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    [pHA]XeNoCiDe > I like the tickbox idea! That would certainly make people focus on whatever it was bugging them about a post

    I've had the . posts, which I always choose to read as 'I am balancing my antipoints'! Also, I can usually tell who makes them if I know I've checked it relatively recently [I'm paranoid so if I make a potentially controversial post I checked my AP centre religiously!] by checking the 'Users Online Now' and working out who it could be. It's never influential users with heavily weighted points, and often I've never even seen them on AO before, which substatiates my theory that it's only balancers or irrelevent idiots who do it, lol!

    I always contact users about anonymous/unexplained APs, whether they're positive or negative, but nobody ever gets back to me, how would I know if they did? Would it just come up as a PM?

    khakisrule > I doubt one person hates you with a passion, people can't dedicte their APs to the same person, or at least I get regulated if I try posting 2 to the same person, but then is that because of my low ranking? Not sure...Well you can tell what ranking the people negging you are, by checking your AP rating after they blast you!

    GreekGoddess > I saw your man post, I found it hilarious that people could be so stupid but also really harsh on you - I mean, what problem did they actually have? I realised it must be that the peeps who negged you all are men who pretend to be women online, and they thought you were ripping it out of them, and took it personally. That's the only rational explanation!

    The Owls Are Not What They Seem

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    Maybe they really want me to be a guy, then that would explain my UBER-l33tn355...hehehe j/k And I was ripping them out...although my stereotypes are a little wasted, I got a good chuckle out of it.

    And to answer your question, if you query your antipoints assignment, if they choose to answer your reply would go directly to your PM box. I also check my AP center religiously when I post to a thread as controversial as "I Am American" due to the immense amount of responses I receive, both positive and negative. I like my very explanatory points that are about a paragraph long, except when they're negative...then usually if they have that much to say, it isn't necessarily nice, but it gives me insight to what to post in further threads by telling me who I would offend by posting certain viewpoints. Sometimes, I'm not all that picky to who I offend with one of my posts, I just like to make people think, open their perspective, more than pushing my viewpoint on someone else. I usually get negged for them, but when they gave me the negative points, they were thinking about it, weren't they? *evil grin*

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