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    Flash 6

    i've started messing around with flash mx and i saw that you can import mpeg's and make them flash clips. i really like that feature so I want to design a flash intro for my site with some mpeg's. What I don't know how to do with Flash MX are effects. I don't know how to have one clip fade in and then fade out and then another fade in and another fade out and so on. Also need to know how to add music or effects in the background. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    head on over to http://www.flashkit.com

    there are hundreds of tutorials and downloads to assist you with Flash. The assistance you are asking for requires an entire website rather than a single post

    The only problem with Flash is keeping your file sizes small so those of us poor relatives still on dial up modems can view them relatively quickly rather than waiting for hours for them to download. This will be a thing of the past when we all go broadband/cable .... no harm in dreaming

    Good luck and have fun with it

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    i saw that you can import mpeg's and make them flash clips.
    They are not 'flash clips'. They are still mpegs/avi/etc, but they just reside in the flash file. Warning: They can drastically increase the size of your file, depending on the amount of compression you specify.

    If you want to make you fading in/fading out effects then read on. First create a movie clip symbol, then put the movie file into that symbol. Return to the _root timeline, click on the movie clip symbol, then look at the properties panel (it is at the bottom of the screen by default) and you should see some drop down menus. One of them should have alpha/tint/advanced/etc. Click on that one and select alpha. Then set it to 0%. Create a motion tween from that frame, then look at your timeline. Depending on how long you want the fade to last, add a new keyframe. Then on that new keyframe, change the alpha property back to 100%. Export the movie then whala! You have your fade.

    Did that help? Damn, i should write a tutorial for flash. Wait a minute... i did! But then for some reason it's not in the tutorials forum anymore. Hey it's not even on the tutorial index! What's up with that?
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    thanks you guys.. i'm gonna try this out.. much appreciated..

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    in total agreement with morfius, be VERY wary of importing vids into flash - its now possible but the size/or compression sux - if u want to use video sequences use the tried and tested technique of importing a series of static images that have been exported from something like premiere, and (my personal way) further manipulated in photoshop (you can use a batch process for lazy-mode) to reduce the file size using the web exp[ort - minimum colour gifs work best (file size) - you can get pretty stylish, high quality 'video' if you spend some time playing with settings,; experimentation is the name of the game.

    for me the the advent of native video was desperately awaited and failed to impress

    a tie in - the fact that so many have high bandwith doesnt mean they can be bothered waiting the same amount of time as before - i personally have become so quick to judge its getting out of hand - i think i need some smoke signal therapy.................

    smoke and mirrors, artistic license - the only ways
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    flash mx made me piss myself. I litterally drooled. I'm a big fan of flash, i haven't got any real big projects but i love making intros for sites, and such.

    haven't even had any time to make anything.. for anyone, not even myself =(

    but yeah flash mx is awesome.

    flashkit.com is great as well..
    try pinoy7.com

    theres lots of places..

    2-advanced.com or something.
    my pages: (great resources for everyone)
    geeksarecool.com resource for computers, hacking, virii, wutnot.
    thepillbox.net archive of logs and resource for laughter.
    --enjoy these pages, as they grow.

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    Just a small hint for the audio files, like MP3. Insted of loading them into your Flash library, you can load it with actions on a frame, button, etc...

    You can use ".LoadSound" object and load a MP3 file residing on your server in streaming. What good about this, is that you can change your music whenever you want without having to rebuild you swf file.

    Here is a small example of the code to do that:

    myMusic = new Sound();
    myMusic.loadSound("/music.mp3", true);

    LoadSound parameters are:
    myMusic.loadSound(the_path_to_your_mp3_file, true/false) true or false is to choose if you want it to be streaming or not !

    Have fun !

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