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Thread: My Computer

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    Ummmmmm my only suggestion is to DUMP XP. Go back to Windows 2000. I have very little maintenance problems.
    I also might suggest (although some may disagree) Norton Utilities. Its seems to do a great job of defrag and perfromance issues.

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    I notice a lot of people said to downgrade from XP to 2000, though I don't really see the reason. A lot of them say stability, but my XP installation is just as stable as my 2000 machines. Also, as for aeallison's claim that Windows XP doesn't like Office 2000, I have had absolutely no problems running Office 2000 in my XP machines. If I were you, since you have the driver CD from Compaq with XP drivers, I'd just stick with XP for the timebeing.


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    Lets clear this up....

    as for aeallison's claim that Windows XP doesn't like Office 2000, I have had absolutely no problems running Office 2000 in my XP machines
    I have been in this business for a very long time and have been dealing with the general public the whole time. I may be anti-XP, and anti-MicroSoft, But I also have too many boxes to choose from, and some of them are running XP. I have to know these systems because my customers depend on me to get them back up and running in a hurry. You are obviously an experienced and educated user and I respect that, I am sure that you regularly update your systems and maintain them religously, and that is the sign of a great mind with a definate future in this field and I commend you on your hard work. On the other hand, the general and even advanced user that is not in this field is not so inclined to do these things and you know as I do that if you don't properly maintain your system and have little or no training in OS's and programming that strange things will happen to their systems , and their efforts to correct these problems usually amplify the problem rather than fix it. You are well founded in your advice as that is what you would do in a similar situation, but just imagine your Physician or auto mechanic what they would do in your place....

    I hope I don't offend you with my rantings but I was developing telecommunications equipment that you may have found in your textbooks, while you were still wearing diapers.
    And I have never stepped a foot into a college, and I dropped out of high school in 1975.

    I just had to say this I could not help it.....still friends??
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    I Got A compaq and i got some problems with it too dont know if it has anything to do with compaq (actually don't think so) but removing all those useless programs that run at start worked good for me.. its not running great but it did help..

    Good luck..


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    there are a lot of great sugestions here and I'a like to offer one or two more.
    If you want a nice, easy to use registry cleaner, among other things, check out www.Toniarts.com
    he's got a good one there with specific win XP patches. It's free and easy to use.
    CHECK your drivers!!!
    I had some XP issues with older drivers, updated them and everything was hunky dory.
    Use the windows update feature to make sure everything is up to date!
    XP does haev it's share of flaws, but you can make it dance to your tune with patience and a bit of work.
    \"The fifth horseman of the apocalyse?\"
    \"Yeah, he left the group before they hit it big.\"
    T. Pratchett

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    I am really unhappy with Windows XP in its performance. I tested out my machine which was running windows 2k and upgraded to XP. The day that i upgraded is the day my machine went down the tubes. I constantly found myself losing device drivers and it was slower than frozen molasses. I wiped it out and went back to Windows 2000. Haven't had trouble with it since.

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    Looks like you have too much advice already, just one thought. Has anybody tried the System Restore option in XP? In Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore is supposed to give you the ability to create a restore point when your system is running optimally and then when you have a problem you go back to that state. ?

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