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Thread: Email headers.... again

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    Email headers.... again

    Hello ppl,
    I know there have been lots of questions asked earlier regarding email headers, but how can once access these headers for normal web-based emails like on yahoo, hotmail, etc. I know its possible to see headers if ones using MS outlook or unix, but how otherwise.

    And in the case of forwarded mails, in unix or outlook express, one can only see the last location from where the mail was sent. Isn't it possible to see the complete header history from its point of origin?


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    I don't know about Hotmail, but Yahoo automatically contracts the e-mail headers and it's default to show the basic header. There is a link right above the e-mail when you're viewing it on your right that gives you the option of expanding the header.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, since we're on the topic of e-mail headers, I was going to ask this question in a different post. I receive a lot of AOL spam porn, and I can't afford to switch ISPs at the moment, and this spam is not from signing up for anything. If mail is received from an AOL member, you cannot view the e-mail header. I downloaded Sam Spade to see if I could track some of these people down and report them, because I get the feeling that whoevers spamming me with all of these porn messages is not an AOL user at all, either that, or they're far smarter than I am. The only thing I can do is report the e-mail to AOL whenever I receive one, but I receive about 20-30 a day, and can recognize the cheesy subjects that they come up with trying to trick you into opening it. I tried forwarding it to my Yahoo! account to see if I could read the full header there, but to no avail. Is there another way to view the header of an AOL e-mail received from another AOL user? You can only view the e-mail header if it's sent from accounts different than AOL.

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    thanx a lot Goddess,
    But still would be glad if someone could help out with hotmail. Thanx

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    cick on the options link, then under the column in the right (Additional Options), select Mail Display Settings, the last option is Message Headers. Set it to FULL or ADVANCED.

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    For hotmails. Go inyour account, click on options , click on "Mail Display Settings". At the bottom it asks u level of Message headers, click on Advanced. and click ok. Now go back to ur inbox and open any email in hotmail. You will see the whole header.It will also give u an option of "view email source". I hope I have answered your question.
    Thank you.
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