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Thread: Looking for CGI Scripts parking space in UK

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    Question Looking for CGI Scripts parking space in UK

    Hi there,

    I will be moving 30 websites from a cobalt raq running Linux to a windows 2000 dell server.

    During my tests, I find out that some of my cgi scripts are not working in conjunction with my mail server. For example, my Virtual Greeting Card Server Script from http://bignosebird.com is not working but my FormMail from http://www.scriptarchive.com/ is working.

    As a temporary measure, I would like to get a free or low cost UNIX web hosting for my cgi scripts in UK to minimize script errors and compatibility issues during the migration.

    Any suggestion to get around this problem will be gratefully appreciated

    Any suggestion on cost has to be lower than 11.99 offered by uk2.net. I only need the space for cgi scripts

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    Too bad you're not in the US or I'm not in the UK as I could put it on my server for a while...unless you don't mind making the hop across the pond, rofl...
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    u could do a search on www.freewebspace.net ... I normally find what I seek there... it's not always free as the address claims it to be but it's normally very cheap.
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