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    Well, i'm sure we all know the risks of downloading from and unknown source, the result is being infected by an unknown virus that you can't contain, yet still downloading files from that source.. It's pointless and meaningless, you might as wel go out and acuallyspend your money instead of going on those bogus file servers that only produce and duplicate viruses.. Therefore, your responsible for what you download, if your computers harddrive melts, your only have one person to blaim, the person that made that virus..

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    I've already got five quarantined viruses in my norton and it isn't even the popular viruses in kazaa. I just suggest having something monitor your major files and registry just in case. Roxio's GoBack would help also. If you do want to get the programs then for the registry is agnitums Jammer. GoBack does help especially if you are prone to getting a lot of errors and viruses.

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    My friend uses kaaza all the time to download games and movies, he can not be bothered to save up a little bit of money and buy them whist I prefer to buy the proper thing, every few weeks I get a phone call saying help I'v got a virus again!

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    if you just pay ATTENTION to what you download i.e. if most of the files are 156,398,428 bytes, then you should probably download one thats that size instead of downloading one that is 156,401,263 bytes. sure it could just be some extra credits or extra black at the beginning or end of the movie but its unlikely. my advice? just quit using kazaa and if you run windows, use WinMX, if you use *nix then download limewire, you can get those at http://p2ptransfers.com/filelist.htm they've got more but those are the best ones ive found for their respective OS's.
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    Originally posted here by mrcoffee12
    if you just pay ATTENTION to what you download i.e. if most of the files are 156,398,428 bytes, then you should probably download one thats that size instead of downloading one that is 156,401,263 bytes.

    Avery good point. Just use some common sense and makes sure all .exe files are scanned before being launched.....

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    Yea fakeboy is right all kazzaa and morpheus has is virus' and trojans so be careful!!!!!!!!

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    Hello people. I am new to these file sharing programs. I know you have talked about Kazza and how vulnerable our systems are to viri threads.

    What have been your experienced with Imesh?

    Based on what you have said about Kazaa p2p file sharing, I assume it wouldn't be any diffence with iMesh since I would assume these two programs may shared the same codes functionality and downloading a virus could be as easy as downloading with Kazaa.

    What can you expand on this issue?

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    wow thanks man for the look out. time to delete KaZaA and use a different P2P program. Off to imesh or morpheus

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    It really doesn't matter what P2P software you use, each has their own "issues". Plus it's Peer to Peer software... meaning if the person you are connecting into has a virus, then the files you are downloaded are probably infected... meaning you get the virus. There are always risks with any P2P software out there, not just Kazaa.

    Personally though I think Kazaa is the best sofrware out there, as of now. I find most of what I need on tehre. But I also keep very up-to-date with my virus defs and keep an eye on new viruses, worms, etc.

    ~ My 2 cents...
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    AciDriveHB is right, you need to watch your P's & Q's when it comes to P2P...it can be very dangerous...sometimes, when I NEED an exe...I run it off a dummy system. One I can just re-ghost if anything happens. But then, I'm just paranoid. I'd rather be safe, then sorry. When it comes to games..ect...ect...ect..just go buy it...give homage to the poor souls who lived off cigarettes and coffee to program it.
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