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Thread: Hotmail :Hotmail:Hermes to XUL.

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    Thumbs down Hotmail :Hotmail:Hermes to XUL.

    Hello all
    Pls Get this straight, this isn't Hacking , just for the Hotmail users to be aware of this.
    This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

    Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

    I have attempted to convert Hermes to XUL.
    So far I have only done a very limited conversion.. with just the hotmail
    service.. just to see if I can get it working.
    Currently it's without css of js. Hence non-functional.
    has a few other nice gimicks... well.. the menu's might be useful.

    But I am enclosing it anyway so people can have a look, try it out, etc
    etc.. and help too and tell me what they think
    pls i repeat NOT hacking!

    Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at http://www.hotmail.com.

    Content-Type: text/xml; name="hermes.xul"
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="hermes.xul"

    <?xml version="1.0"?>




    <menubar id="sample-menubar">
    <menu id="file-menu" label="Option One">
    <menupopup id="file-popup">
    <menuitem label="Cool"/>
    <menuitem label="Ace"/>
    <menuitem label="Yummy" checked="true"/>
    <menuitem label="Exit"/>
    <menu id="edit-menu" label="Option Two">
    <menupopup id="edit-popup">
    <menuitem label="This"/>
    <menuitem label="That"/>


    <menulist value="-No Service-">
    <menupopup onchange="javascript:Show(this);">
    <menuitem label="Hotmail"/>
    <menuitem label="Yahoo!"/>
    <menuitem label="Netscape"/>
    <menuitem label="NetAddress"/>
    <menuitem label="USA.com"/>
    <menuitem label="Another.com"/>
    <menuitem label="Email.com"/>
    <menuitem label="Altern"/>
    <menuitem onclick="javascript:refreshHermes();" style="color:red;" label="Refresh Hermes Panel"/>
    <menuitem onclick="javascript:gotoHermes();" style="color:red;" label="Visit Hermes"/>

    <image id="mozhermes" src="mozhermes-small.jpg"/>

    <text value=""/>

    <text value="Check your Hotmail"/>
    <text value="Sign in name"/>
    <textbox name="login" label="Hotmail Login" onblur="javascript:searchclear(this,'Hotmail Login');"
    onfocus="javascript:searchclear(this,'Hotmail Login');" />

    <text value="Password"/>
    <textbox type="password" maxlength="18"/>

    <text value="Security Options"/>
    <menulist name="sec" value="no" label="Neither">
    <menuitem value="share" label="Public/shared computer"/>
    <menuitem value="rem" label="Remember Login"/>

    <text value="Language"/>
    <menulist name="_lang" id="hotmailLang" value="EN" label="English">
    <menuitem value="DE" label="Deutsch"/>
    <menuitem value="ES" label="Espa&#241;ol"/>
    <menuitem value="FR" label="Fran&#231;ais"/>
    <menuitem value="IT" label="Italiano"/>
    <menuitem value="BR" label="Portugu&#233;s (BR)"/>
    <menuitem value="KO" label="Korean"/>
    <menuitem value="CN" label="Simplified Chinese"/>
    <menuitem value="TW" label="Traditional Chinese"/>

    <button label="Sign in" name="SUBMIT1" />
    <button class="signout" label="Sign Out" onclick="signout('http://lc2.law5.hotmail.passport.com/cgi-bin/logout?_lang=', 'hotmailLang');"/>




    thx Guys, for ya reading.

    it's me V-I-R-U-S

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    yeah, it' me

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    Uh... yeah. What's your point in this?

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