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    Hell where are my parents with their CC's ?? Im gonna get some space!! Now to think of a domain!!

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    wbws is really good. i got hooked up, talk to the sales manager, he'll help alot.
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    About the .tk banner thing redgore is talking about, that can be taken off. It's there by default for new users, but they sent out an email recently saying how to take it off. It's only if you want it to stay on to help promote www.dot.tk.

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    You're on a band..COOL, me to . We just took the .tk thing because it's good enough for us. We don't want to pay if we don't have to.
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    Does it have to be a UK based company? Hostway is who I'm hosted with, they leave a little to be desired but overall the service has been great. $9 a month for a good package.

    FOr my home for free I use.. dns2go.com

    from the dns2go site: http://dns2go.deerfield.com//

    DNS2Go is a free Domain Name System that will make your
    computer accessible anytime, anywhere by associating a
    domain name of your choice to your currently assigned IP address.

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