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Thread: Afghan Assassination

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    Afghan Assassination

    i just wanted to start a thread to get everyones view on what people thought happened in the assassination of the VP in afghanistan.

    here's my view:
    I think that although it would make sense that terrorists would kill the new VP, I have to say that I do not think that it is a good idea to rule out anyone else. I have a feeling that terrorists were not involved at all... (although they will call these people terrorists whether or not they are offiliated with any said terrorist group). I think the people who assassinated him could have easily just been people who lived in Afghanistan. One thing that a lot of people don't realize is that a good portion of the people we "freed" do not agree with the new form of government. They may have disliked the way they were being treated but it was all they knew. Those said people now are at odds with the new government. I don't think it had to be anyone from the Taliban or al-Quida. I think it could have been just a group of "rebels" who disagree with the new form of government. If I am write, I think we will see a lot more killings and a rising up of a rebel faction.
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    A quick flick through my "History of Afghanistan" (short version) and I would say you can not rule out anything there. You are probably right on the money in what you say and I certainly would not take any bets against it. One of my ancestors (British) was there fighting in the Battle of Ghunzee in 1839 ..... over 160 years later we are back there again !!

    I do not think their tribal-like society blends too well with a stable democratic government, unless it rules like the tyrannical former one, which beats the purpose of creating it in the first place.
    My hat is off to the new government ministers, I do not envy their task.

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    i kinda thought it was masterminded by one of the war lords who thought this guy might have too much popular support and would hurt their chances of a take-over.
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    There is too many terrorist type organizations in the middle east as is, anyone of them could have pulled this act to stop the creation of an US type government.

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    Haji Abdul Qadir was the brother of slain rebel leader Abdul Haq who was killed by the Taliban while trying to drum up support for a new regime. He was also a Pashtun. The parties responsible for this killing are seeking to de-stabilize the new government. Ethnic rivalry may be the genesis of this killing but IMO this killing is trying to shake the foundation of this new regime. In the eyes of those who perpetrated it what could be better then to kill a relative of a rebel leader, who is also ethnically different and a member of the new government?
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    Well Lord Darkside, you may be on to something. I would personally like to see the factions that rise up use their brains instead of their AK-47's. I would support a rebel faction for a new government in Afghanistan. If it was lead politically and peacefully. Unfortunatley, fighting is all they know. The people of afghanistan can't fully understand what exacly is going on with their government. I mean they have a 70% illiteracy rate, for God sakes. How can one make a educated decision about ones government if you cant read up on it. Its sad that the people of Afghanistan are so under-priveleged. Maybe with the democracy, future generations will be educated.
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