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Thread: Sorry about the tutorial

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    Sorry about the tutorial

    I am sorry that I didn't quote the website in my tutorial, but I did say that I took some sections/programs from the internet. Well, my apologies for not being more specific on which ones. It was late and I was getting tired, when I copied and pasted the one section, I was sure that I said I took it from the internet. Anyways, I am very sorry.


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    It happens. Nevertheless, it was very, very informative and made me open a text editor to try my hand at it. I myself have never used Python, but looks pretty basic to me Just remember to give proper kudos next time, and everybody will be happy.

    /opens another soda pop

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    No worries!!! Just remember to site all of your sources and do as little of copying and pasting as possible as far as the tutorials are concerned. Everyone here is about originality. The tutorials here are like essays for school and you don't want to plagarize, so use whatever resources you find to help you to write a better tutorial, but try to keep it as original as possible, using your own words, your own examples, add in your own experiences to the topic. It's like a showcase of AO users teaching other users how to do things, which IMO is better than searching for an impersonal tutorial using Google.

    I haven't written any techie tutorials yet, I'm still working on my flash series. If I were to do a tutorial on PHP or something similar, it would have to copy and pasted due to my lack of knowledge, either that or a ton of babble that showed I had no idea of what I was talking about. So for now, even if it's not technical related, I stick to what I know to keep it real and as I learn, I'll be sure to add more tutorials on technical stuff as my knowledge progresses.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and you're still new here, so you've got time to recover from that. I look forward in the future to reading your tutorials. I have a lot to learn!

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    I haven't written any techie tutorials yet, I'm still working on my flash series
    I am looking forward to that one... what version? I have 4 I think it's time 4 me to upgrade, but very little $ always gets in the way lol

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    its cool daedalus, it was a sweet tutorial nonetheless, just make sure you include sources. keep up the good work d00d.

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