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Thread: Is this site the good guys or bad guys?

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    Canibudda.. Dude.. thats an automated message.. =\ When you get back in the green it will go away... but from the way you chose to present yourself, you not going to be wanted here anyway. Goodbye.

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    "Hacker" = good guy who has a thirst for knowledge, but not a thirst for crime
    "Cracker" = bad guy who has a thirst for knowledge that will make him/her a 'better' criminal

    This is an anti-Cracker site, but due to the misunderstanding of the jargon, also anti-Hacker (but not really). Get it?

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    Well, seems to me this site is promoting hacking by unfair treatment, if more servers go down thats the webmasters fault for letting immature people control his website, Today I got a very, very stupid message saying, "you been asking inappropriate questions like "How Can I Hack HotMail"? Stop!", Yet I never even asked ONE question reguarding anything, the only thing I do on here is state my opinions, seems to me someone likes harrassing me about my point of view, if you don't like me, you can go suck a dick, or you can simply ignore me, you don't have to ****ing threaten me with your lame and immature lies saying i'm asking **** you came up with right out of ****ing nowhere, so i'm continuing to protest until this harrassment stops, or I get banned, if I do it won't be a big loss, because all i do on here is chat and state my opinions, and if you don't like it, you can take YOUR opinion and shove it up your ass...

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    Man, this is just too too too much. I'm a teenager, and I don't even act like that. Please, this is not a place to vent your hissy-fits. Seriously, show some respect. Since you have the right to state your opinions, I guess we have a right to state ours. You can't walk into the AO territory, state your mind, ask questions that the FAQ simply states aren't supported by this website, and expect to walk away with a few positive Anti-Points and praise for your outspoken nature. This just doesn't happen, and until you realize that, your stay here at AO will probably turn out quite hectic.

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    I don't understand...If this guy is trying to bring down his "friends" server, why is it rated positive? Maybe I just don't get it since I am new...
    The overall rating of the thread is positive. If you notice, he has been negged for the original post, but others have been given greenies for their positive feedback. Overall, the sound advice has earned more greenies than the original post, and canibudda's freakish fits, have earned negs. Overall, the sound advice prevails.

    Hope this enlightens you a little bit.
    \"I believe that you can reach the point where there is no longer any difference between developing the habit of pretending to believe and developing the habit of believing.\"

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    Ahh, thanks for the insight, I guess that makes sense :-D

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    Originally posted here by CaNiBuDDa
    Well, in my opinion this is a security site against hacking, but it is also promoting hacking by allowing users to figure out thier system therefore giving them inside information that will eventually lead them to gather that infiltrating other peoples systems will benefit them to further their knowledge of OS's...
    Um, last I knew, knowledge wasnt considered inside information. tips and tricks, weaknesses and strengths, expliots and holes are all available for almost any OS or any computer system - in volumes - in this link:

    This site doesnt promote hacking. It promotes knowledge. It also discusses and discovers the latest kiddie tools and scripts so preventions can be found. If you consider that promoting hacking....well, so be it. Its all in what you make of it.
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