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Thread: Some advise needed

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    Some advise needed

    I am a newbie and going to work for an ISP as an admin assistance. and before starting my job they wanted me to search for some security holes and fining their patch. Also they told me that there is a program which can lock the ISP timer, for example a user has bought 50 hours Internet account but if one has the program he/she can lock the timer and use internet more than 50 hours.
    I have search alot for this but I didn't find anything or any sulotion for it and how it can be prevented.
    If anybody can help or any suggestions will be appritiate.

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    Well, the first thing around that would be to ensure the timer is done on the 'server' end of the ISP. Time connected to time disconnected is how usual ISPs handle time-based accounts and there's no way you can "prevent" a timer from counting if it's on the server side.
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    I bet if you put it on the client side it would be cracked in one week. If that...

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