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Thread: building a network?

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    Question building a network?

    I'm currently in the process of starting an e-cafe; however, one of my major concerns is the security that I'm going to have to have in order to stop schmucks from using my place to commit computer crimes. I was wondering if I could get any suggestions for a server OS that will be secure enough for my needs. Currently I'm checking out Novell for a file server inside to effectively control login time and usage.

    I'm relatively new to the security field, and I'm using this business to help further my education at it. I would like to do this correctly off the get go that's why I'm asking for help to do this.

    Any other suggestions are welcome since I'm still in the brainstorming phase of my business plan.

    Thank you very much for you time
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    For netowrking gateway/firewall I would recommend nearly any *nix system. They will offer the firewalling support that you will need to help control the traffic coming and going from your network. Most *nix machines will offer you the abilty to offer file serving, networking support and the like, but also allow you to cut back any dead weight. If at all uncomfortable w/ *nix, then perhaps consider Win 2K Server. Should allow you to do most of what is needed, though you will need to find a way to your firewall needs.
    Moreover, for the workstations should you chose to implement these, probably Win 2K or Win XP. You will have the ability to cut down the users priveledges by way of a network based login. Also, windows machines will allow you a certain level of manageabiltiy through VBScripting.
    If the machines are to be supplied by the consumers, you will have to tighten down the firewall as best you can and work with the idea that nothing is to be trusted at the start, but allow movement out as it is deemed necessary.
    Any wich way you go, it might be well advised to keep the firewall as closed as you can from the start. If a user expresses the need for something, you can then consider allowing the access out through. Start w/ an iron fist and slowly let up as needed.

    Hope this helps.
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    Cyber cafe huh? What type of infrastructure are ya plannin' (i.e. wireless/hardwire)? I agree with chefer on the gateway/firewall, but I still like the idea of running a NW server.

    1st post ever btw,

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