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Thread: pre-installed Linux pc's

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    pre-installed Linux pc's

    does anyone know of a company that offers computers prebuilt with Linux installed as the primary OS? I Know that you can order Dell servers with Red Hat installed and a few IBM and HP servers/desktops come with Linux pre-installed (I think I read that somewhere, correct me if I'm wrong). Just curious

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    you can get HP desktops with lycoris (one oif the worst distros) installed. IBM gave up with linux i believe although ask nicely they may still install it for you! or provide you with a blank machine i.e. no windows so you can install it yourself

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    Dell offers workstations and servers with RedHat Linux, you can customize your hardware and software setup on their site. www.dell.com

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    Look around in Wal Mart. They are going to be selling there box's with Mandrake Linux. I have been using Mandrakes 8.2 for Months now and love it.


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    IBM is definitely on the Linux bandwagon. Check out www.ibm.com/linux.

    Also read an interesting article last week re: IBM and Linux virtual servers. IBM has a blurb on that as well at http://www.ibm.com/news/us/2002/07/01.html . (IMHO the news article was more interesting, but this is still good reading).

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    There are a lot of stores who install everything for you for +/- $10,= more, even 2 operating systems if you like...
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    I checked out Dell and it seems that they only install Red Hat on their servers (for only $159 as opposed to Win 2K server for $700). I haven't found anything about Dell's desktop's with Linux loaded on them. I know it's probably a moot point to ask about desktop's preloaded with Linux since the most well-known and mainstream OS's is M$ windows. I'll definitely check out IBM and see what they have to offer. As for Wal Mart, I saw their online catalog that offers Microtel PC's with LindowsOS preloaded however, this OS is still in Beta. At any rate, thanks for all the tips.

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    I am pretty sure I just saw a couple HP desktops offered at CDW that come pre-installed with Linux. Proably some Mandrake version.
    I have recently begun using one of my machines with Linux Mandrake 8.1 as a general desktop, but find obviously that it isn't as easy to use or easily networked into a Win 2000 environment. A techie doesnt have many problems with navigation, but a general user?? Forget it.

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