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Thread: Virus scanning programs

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    Virus scanning programs

    Can anyone recommend some programs that allow you to virus scan on specified individual file? The company that makes my current virus scanning program went out of business. So I can't get the program updated anymore. It would be great if you can also include a link to where can I download a copy of the program or the program demo. Thanx a bunch.

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    There are many progs available.

    For instance,

    - Norton Symantec
    they have several antivirus products according to your needs.

    - McAfee
    several products to protect your box or network

    - F-Prot Antivirus

    - ...

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    Also, a good free AV can be found at www.grisoft.com. Its called AVG AntiVirus, and it has worked well for me.

    Hope this helps!

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    Another one that people here talk about a lot is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You can find it @


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    I've never heard of Kaspersky and will check it out. My wife and I use Grisoft AVG (free version) on our computers and have absolutely no complaints with it. It's unobtrusive and it works. Don't forget, AO Guest, a virus program is only half the battle. Get a good firewall, too. I recommend Tiny Personal Firewall, http://www.tinysoftware.com We use the free version of it, too (we're cheap). Also, no matter what you do, nothing I know of so far is 100%.

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    I have been using Panda Anti Virus Platinum edition for about a year and a half. Panda has excellent and timely updating of virus signature files. Additionally, Panda has some limited, but useful, firewall capabilities.

    Over this year and a half, Panda has found and either deleted or disinfected infected files that McAfee and Norton have missed. This was readily apparent at my place of work. We use all three, and all of our IT folks agree that Panda is far superior.

    If you are using MS Outlook, Panda will install a plugin that will give you even more peace of mind regarding the elimination email-borne viruses.

    You can get a demo or order/download the retail version at: http://www.pandasoftware.com

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