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    Not enough...... not even close to enough.

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    Where can I go to find out more about this subject? Can we still give? Did he go to real jail or is that just a term you all use meaning something else? I just join so I have no idea what is going on. Hell I am still trying to read everything on this site. I dont mine helping out. I like the site for the most part.

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    Originally posted here by debwalin
    I didn't get mine either.....

    Me neither, Deb, but as of last week they hadn't even cashed my check.... maybe the MDA still has JP in the slammer incommunicado, gave him one phone call then routed it to Bolivia or somewhere, and he can't get out to make the ("I Helped Bail Out JP") notations? Anybody seen him in the flesh, or do we need to get a writ of Habeus Corpus to get him out, or sumpin' ?

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    Seriously? Not many donated? Man, it's amazing...people can spend 3 bucks per pack of cigarettes, several packs a week = quite a bit per month (say 2 per week, 8 per month = 25 bucks roughly) and yet they can't donate one time at 20 bucks? Lame...
    No offense to JP or anything, but most people cant go handing out money to everyone that asks on the internet. I read the PM he sent to everyone about it, and he even said something like 'it's not important what I did', well, yeah it is.

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    I sent JP a check to him get out.
    I haven't gotten the cancelled check back yet.
    No credit for a good deed, either.

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