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Thread: SoundBlaster-drivers for Win2k

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    SoundBlaster-drivers for Win2k

    kX Project - SoundBlaster Audigy Drivers.

    The Soundblaster Audigy is a great audio-card. I recently bought the Audigy Platinum (the one with the nice front-panel), and I really like it. What I didnt' like though was the Creative Labs-support for Win2k/WinXP. Creative promises us the nicest features, but seems to only support those features for Win 9x/ME.

    I've done some research, and this is what I came up with:

    - The Creative ASIO-support sucks. ASIO stands for Audio Stream Input/Output.
    If you've set your box to use ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface), you probably have encountered some SoundBlaster-problems already (I'll spare you the details). To make a long story short: Creative advices to disable ACPI. Not a very 'creative' solution if you ask me.

    - The ASIO-quality sucks. Everything seems to be ok in Win9x, but I've encountered lots of timing-problems in 2k (using Cubase). The longer my box is turned on, the bigger the problems get.

    The solution is simple: the kX Project.

    The kX Project (a Russian/Canadian co-authorship) is a free project, providing drivers for, amongst others, Creative.


    The dll's (rar): Simply copy them to c:\winnt\system32.

    The driver (zip)

    After installation, your system will sound as clear as it should be:

    - 64-channel DirectSound 2D-support (you'll notice that kX inversed the front-and rear-outs. This is done intentionally, because the Live!-series uses an AC97-codec for the front-, and a Philips I2S-codec for the rear-out. The Philips one is simply much better than the AC97).

    - DSP-effects: kX comes with DSP-effects such as delay, chorus, flanger... You can even make your own DSP-effects with the kX SDK.

    - The drivers use a built-in AC3-decoder, perfectly compliant with the Creative Playcenter.
    kX uses the ProLogica-DSP-plugin, which decodes Dolby Surround- or ProLogic-streams to front-, rear- and center-signals, with a much better and clearer 3D-sound than CMSS (Creative Multi-Speaker Surround).

    - Midi- and soundfont support: the soundfont-support ain't as extended as Creative's...yet.

    - Audio-stream routing: kX comes with a built-in audio-stream routing tool.

    - 10-channel equalizer.

    I recently installed the kX-drivers, and the difference is obvious, even for untrained ears...

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    Not that I disagree with you or anything, but I've been running Soundblaster card's for 5 years or more, and never have had any problem with them. Even when ME came out, then 2000 and XP, I never had a problem getting the drivers to work/ the audio to sound correct....

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    Thatís too bad. I've had lots of sound blaster cards over the years and the drivers have always been top notch.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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