I think I am infected with the VBS.LoveLetter virus! Just yesterday my McAfee found a strange virus on my computer that had VBS in it and I deleted it. I have read about VBS.LoveLetter before and I know it tries to download a password stealing trojan program from a website. Just now, my McAfee notified me that a virus was found by something close to the name KZOP or something and it told me this is a known TROJAN file. I did not download anything yet today so I didn't download the infected file. My McAfee did not find anything else. I have ran a program by the name of FixLove that I found on the Norton Virus Encyclopedia but it did not find any traces of LoveLetter. Does anyone know the name of the password stealing trojan file that is downloaded by VBS.LoveLetter? The one that I found looked something like this KZOP. Also, Is there a file that is created by LoveLetter (all variants) if so, what is the name? Any help is needed. Thanks in advance!