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Thread: im back

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    im back

    hehe suggestion whore is back hehehe
    i have a few this time
    with this new introduction of suicide threads i think it would be good to have a antipoint void posts ie the user checks a button and u cant assign points to it neither good nor bad unless it gets a lot of clicks on a i "need to suicide this threas" type of thing in which case it would close it should only be avalible to people who arnt going to **** with it just if the person thinks the topics good but gets ****ed over by people.

    2. the soughta reverse of this if a thread gets closed cause of i dickhead theirs a button to say this was a good thread open it again
    and so many clicks and bang its open again..

    3. the ability to move between fomrums on a topic page ie if ur looking at the threads u can click on a link to take u to the next forum and a little thing to tell u what it is

    4. when u delete a thread and u got antipoints for it the title is gone from the antipoints center cosmetic more than nething but.. still annoying to look at blank things in their ap center

    5. in the quick post thing

    See Forum Rules (below) for
    more information about what
    codes you are allowed to use
    in your posts.

    it says that next to it where their is no rules below it hehe

    well thats about it really

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    Hey RiOtEr,

    #1 has been suggested before, with many variations to it. It was basically agreed that the "power" and "responsibility" that comes with that is too great. People would/could abuse, and some could be accused of abuse of power (ie: Negative situation) It's better left alone, to avoid confrontation IMHO.

    #2 The problem with this one is that a tread sometimes quickly fall off screen and no one see's it anymore. And like #1, people may abuse that power because a tread they started closed and want to reopen it for their own liking. All you need is a "kliq" (gang) to click on it to reopen.... once again MHO

    The other suggestions are great...

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    tyger claw yes but if done properly and checks in place it could make the forum a beter place and a fix to some of the problems that are running big atm

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