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Thread: isp's (any common ground)

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    isp's (any common ground)

    I was wondering if isp's normally use the same computer systems worldwide or if this differs from 1st - 3rd world countries. If there is a common ground what os is the norm and which one is the best performer.


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    In my experience, everyone is different. Basically, if you talk either hardware or software, people are always going to say something different. Some people use Macintosh G4 servers with MacOS Server software, others use Intel/AMD/generic hardware to build their own servers or they by prebuilt servers. OS's can vary from person to person, depending on preferences. There are alot of Apache servers, Win2000 servers, Mac OS X Server.

    Basically, all I'm saying is that there is no "norm" for what you are asking. It all depends on what people prefer to use or know how to use.

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