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Thread: preparing for linux

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    Question preparing for linux

    sup guys, im getting ready to install linux, but was wondering about securuty and stuff, is there a firewall of somekind that i should look for to install with on linux?, or is linux secure on its own, (the though just crossed my mine) any input is appreciated

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    What disto are you going to be using?
    I have only really tried mandrake, and that comes with one in the control panel, but I am not sure about the other disto's

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    I'm also a new Linux user and, in fact, the firewall system is integrated with soft like ipchain.

    With Red-Hat, you can configure it graphically during the installation or with a soft named "firewall-config". It is not so easy to configure than Windows firewalls like ZA or Outpost but it is powerfull and really integrated in the system.
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    I am about to install Red Hat on my girlfreinds computer, but I am very warry of it. As i have Never Used Linux before. Do you think I could partition the HDD to ave both Windows And Linux, just to make sure it works?
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    Might want to see :

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    I got a same kind of problem i used lunix only a few times and i dont want to use it all the time i first want to learn how to use it.. 2nd point is that my parents and sister need to use the same cpu and they are people that only know how to use the ON/OFF Button and i think they wont appreciate it when i use Lunix only..
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    Dual boot anyone?????? You can even set it up so that both OS'es see each others file systems.

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    Well depending on what distro you use, SuSE comes with SuSE firewall 2 and the personal firewall. Some people use it on other linux distro's to
    goto for a good description

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    Check ou partitionmagic and for dualbooting solutions.
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