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Thread: How to write the IP_theif

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    Exclamation How to write the IP_theif

    Konnichi wa.

    I am L1L H4x0r

    Here I will be talking about the IP theif. It is one of my batch file trojan horse progz that I have wrote recently. First of all you have to understand The commands for the disk operating system. ((DOS) You won't find me telling you all the commands here just 1 if you want to learn the commands click here.for DOS COMMANDS
    materialsyou will need:

    3. A VICTIM


    open a new file in notepad (notepad.exe)

    and type or paste the following code into the notepad window.

    @echo off
    ipconfig /batch Untitled.txt
    ren C:\windows\Untitled.txt VICTIM_IP.txt
    mkdir A:\IP'S
    move C:\windows\Untitled.txt A:\IP'S

    NOTE: Now lets analize this code.@echo off is to not display the text in the batch file prog so if the victim was behind you while preforming this he would not see the hiden commands of the code thus makes it a trojan. The command IPCONFIG is a little prog on your windows system that displays your subnet mask address, your Internet Protocol address (IP for short), and default gateway.
    /batch Untitled.txt means write the results from IPCONFIG to the file Untitled.txt.

    REN is the command to rename a file. instead of placing C:\windows\Untitled.txt VICTIM_IP.txt place the path where you put the file called Untitled. for example if you placed it on the desktop you would type:

    REN C:\windows\desktop\Untitled.txt VICTIM_IP.txt
    this means rename the file to VICTIM_IP and make it a text file.
    the path you put is where the computer has to look to find the file.
    you also can rename the file to whatever you want so you could type:
    REN C:\windows\desktop\Untitled.txt Jeff's_ip.txt
    (Its very important not to put more then a couple spaces in your code like REN C:\windows\desktop\Untitled.txt that evil snobby kids ip address.txt or when the file is run the prog will say
    Too many parameter
    so rename it something short with no spaces.)

    MKDIR tells the computer to make a new directory called IP'S (again you can pick a different name but the path must stay the same (A:\.) (instead of placing this command in your coding just make a file in the A drive called IP'S or w/e .)

    The MOVE command is interesting it tells the computer to move the file VICTIM_IP.txt from the WINDOWS folder located on the C drive to the Folder called IP'S on the A drive.

    Now save it on your A drive as IP_THEIF.bat

    Now all you have to do is carry where ever u go on a public or private computer like your friends slip it in their floppy drive run the prog and slip it out. VOILLA you have their IP address and also the type of windows system they have.

    If there's any comments you have for me email me @ SEND COMMENT

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    This is really the kind of thing we are aiming to avoid. It would really be recommended to reword the Tut to explain how this type of thing can be avoided, otherwise just delete it. You are going to get negged no end for it.

    \"I believe that you can reach the point where there is no longer any difference between developing the habit of pretending to believe and developing the habit of believing.\"

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