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Thread: <rant> grrrrr....L-users

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    <rant> grrrrr....L-users

    ok...for my 600th post i want..nay..need to vent...


    him: database is screwed up...i've got 100 items ready to ship...and no one to ship them to...there were too many on the picksheet from last night

    me: not possible...the code doesn't do that...just takes dates and quantities...it's operator error...

    him: i checked...they say they they didn't do anything different

    me: uh huh...why'd it work on friday

    him: i don't know...i just need you to fix it

    me: there's nothing to fix...i've checked..everything works..it's operator error

    him: they say this happens all the time in varying degrees

    me: oh really no one has notified me. show me some examples

    him: they don't have any specifics...

    me: operator error

    him: i'll call the original programmer..have him look

    me: fine...except he doesn't do programming anymore and the db front and backends have changed so much that he'll take 2 months just to figure out what's what

    him: well then you fix it...

    me: it's not reproducible...operator error

    him: ----

    me: i will look AGAIN

    him: good...asap ok

    - 20 minutes -

    me: seems someone re-entered an order and didn't recall the original order despite screen warning messages and repeated verbal training

    him: oh

    me: operator error

    him: -------

    grrrr...everytime..."oh something went wrong...must be the order system/database/coding"

    98% of the time operator error...


    i need a vacation....or a drink...or a drink while on vacation....
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    I feel for ya Zigar....

    Come on over, I'll pass ya a cold Molson!

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    My fave is:

    them: can you fix the X program? it's not working right.
    me: huh. it worked yesterday. what did you change?
    them: nothing, if just wont work.
    me: ok, let me take a look
    (5 minutes later)
    me: well, someone went in and changed the config files so it's pointing in the wrong places...
    them: oh yeah, i did that.
    me: so when you said you didn't change anything...what did you mean?

    yep yep yep, pass the bottle.......
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    Dude, I'm with ya all the way! L-user-related problems are a majority of the ones I've ever encountered. My prime example was:

    SAS 8.0 on an HP box running 11.0. SAS 8.2 won't run a load file that's 200+ megs which is nothing to the system because it's got 3+ gigs. We spend THREE weeks looking based on the up-and-down-on-a-bible guy that says it's unix related. Top shows clean at load time, swapinfo shows no swapping, nothing nada...

    Problem: the ICON on their desk was pointing to the wrong version of SAS after they upgraded. I felt like finding a gun...
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    I deal with situations like this on a daily basis, so I know where you guys are coming from. And just think, I've only been a sys admin for a little over a year - I probably have this to look forward to the rest of my career!
    - Maverick

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    want some beer?
    Double Dutch

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    I get client ringing me all the time stating that our Firewall is denying their traffic all the time. More often than not, the server is down or there was an application change.

    Why is it that client think that the first point of failure with connectivity problems are Firewalls?

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