Myself, I started with Qbasic, then html, python and finaly C and now C++ and assembly. Qbasic can be used to make games, but the games would be DOS, meaning they would not have the GUI that gamers are used to. I do not know of any win32 apps being made with qbasic, Though I do strongly sugest you start with qbasic, as it is prity simple to learn. However you said you took a look at some C and thought it was way to advanced, I thought the same thing the first time I looked at it, I figured there is no way I could ever learn this, but the truth is it realy is not that complicated to learn, if you have a good C programing book. I myself dont sugest learning C from tutorials though that is how i started, instead I recomend a good book like teach yourself C in 21 days, published by Sams, or if you can find something on C published by o'rielly. Those are damn good books in my opinion, and they asume you have no programing experince. When you look at a language that you dont speak, it looks complicated, If i look at a book writen in chinese, i think, man! I cant understand this, but if I started learning chinese from the very begining, I could very well learn it. The question is how much time have you got to spend?