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    When last post counts as an edit

    With that new feature where, if somebody posts to a thread where they posted last there new post gets added to their old post, well I was wondering if somebody could add a bar in between and/or a time for the addition. The reason is I was just adding to my post in the firewall thread and because I posted last, it says that I edited my post. And so I was thinking could anybody let people know that I had made another post? If this suggestion sounds dumb, forgive me please. Its late and I'm tired, but I can't sleep.

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    A lot of people go through and type a space for a new paragraph and the word "edit" before their new information. You could simply just edit the post that your new information got added to and put "edit" before it.

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    why not just add a line like this:
    [ADDED on DD/MM/YY at HH:MM]
    then puts the new text below that...i think that would both make it clear it was annother post and keep it just as easy as it is now

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    My main gripe is the fact that by making the new post part of the previous one, the thread is not "bumped up". I suggest to JP, that if a post is combined with an earlier one, the thread be bumped up anyway. Also khakisrule, if you look at the bottom of a post that has been combined, there is a message that says when it was last edited.


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    Next to the "last edited" data it should fill the "reason" field with something like "Auto added".
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