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Thread: String Table

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    String Table

    Hi all...

    I have a problem with my applicaiton that i develop in VB 6....i have create a string table.....with 2 language e.g english and Spanish....how i want to change the languange in my application with any language in the table that i create...


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    It is extreamly dificult for me to understand your question. I think you are saying you have created a program in Visual basic that can swap languages from English to spanish by accessing a string table. Now I have not delt with strings in Visual basic but I have played a bit with string tables in C with Win32 API calls. Have you already created the string table and wanting advice on how you can use the table to change the display language the user sees, or do you need advice on how to create the table and the code to access the table? It would help if you could re-phrase your question so that perhaps someone can provide you with a solution.
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    With VB and string tables, the language displayed in the app is the language selected in the regional settings in windows... It changes automatically if you switch language settings...

    There's probably a away to force the switch (programmatically) through the app, but I don't know it...

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