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Thread: Whats your uptime?

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    Post Whats your uptime?

    Good day all. I know many users here argue the stability of many different operating systems, and Im just curious as to people's uptime.

    [preacher@badconnections preacher]$ uptime
    4:02am up 16 days, 2:00, 2 users, load average: 0.76, 0.42, 0.29


    This is mandrake linux 8.2 on a 433mhz celeron. Not the longest uptime, but more than stable enough for my uses.
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    I don't have (at least I don't know about it) an uptime function available for my Windows machines, but I haven't restarted any of my 2000 servers in at least 6 months. I checked one of the Event Viewers on one of them, and the last time that the event service was stopped and restarted was Jan. 4, 2002. My 2000 and NT boxes were all restarted recently due to a security-patch rollout. I don't even remember the last time I had to restart my AIX boxes, but I don't use them all that often, except for compiling and other various tasks via a terminal. This XP box has been up for about 6 days now.


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    Preach, it all really depends on the system and what I use it for.. since I'm a tool user I'm akin to windows at the desktop, freeBSD, Solaris, and Linux (preferrably SuSE) as well as (ugh) NT 4.0 at the server....

    desktop gets rebooted daily, whether or not it needs it, primary mail server for *my* company just hit 130 days, with the secondary and tertiary (yeah I'm anal...) hitting 60 days for both (since I set em up).... dev boxes rarely see more than a week depending on whats going on with them... NT servers really arent doing too bad with 70 days on one and (more typically) 5 days on another (we run two currently)

    I think the max I've gone is 423 days on a proliant running SuSE serving as a samba print/file server.... but that box had redundant everything....
    for the most part my BSD and solaris boxes run till hardware failure or I shut em down for some reason, Linux does pretty good but every once and a while needs a good reboot...

    Solaris is a pain in my ass... but yeah I've hit the 300 mark or so on a few.

    in fact, I think most the interruptions are caused by me, or hardware failure rather than software regardless of what O/S... NT needs a reboot after *every* patch which makes it more succeptible to lower uptimes... but I suppose its all in the administration.
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    Personal linux servers at home haven't been rebooted since I plugged them in when we moved into the apartment in December.

    Windows boxes are rebooted daily, just as THEJRC said, whether they need it or not.

    Longest uptime at work for an HP RP8400 w/ two partitions was 189 days (damned oracle).

    Longest uptime for a machine I've worked on was a Solaris 'pizza box' (forgot which kind) that was forgotten in the ceiling tiles...uptime of 580 days last checked.
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    Uptime 0 HR 36 MIN. Just got into work

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    Hummm, laptop is never more then a few hours, no matter what OS,
    98 machine at home is something like 3 days at a time.
    Couple of 98 machines at work that go about a week (but they are never used, only file servers).
    NT Server is just over a month
    Linux Server at work 25 days, 23 hours (had to reboot because of a change my boss made)
    98 machine I use at work is normally about 6 hours
    linux box at work is 1 day, 21 hours (but I dual boot it with XP when I need to use XP)
    Solaris machine at home...last check was about 560 days, but haven't been in that room for a few weeks now.
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    My nt server has been up since 1-1-2002 midnight. All other ones (solaris, redhat, and some others) had to reboot within the last 250 days. The solaris server was my own fault.
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    80 hours, but I'm just after rebooting. I accidentally left my computer on when I went on holidays.
    OS: Red Hat Linux 6.2

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    4:57pm up 5 days, 6:29, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
    thats on my laptop

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    12:55PM up 19 days, 23:49, 1 user, load averages: 2.89, 2.54, 2.27

    The time would have been in excess of 9 months, but a power outage and defective UPS fixed that for me. That'll teach me not to ensure the UPS is functional every so often. Grr.
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