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    Angry help please

    Here is the problem. i went out of town for a few days and i think some one hacked my computer. what happend was i left kazaa running for about 3 days while i was gone. and when i came back the system was running really slow which makes sense if you leave it on for that long. but when i went to reboot i got the insert system disk message. i've tried using a boot disk but nothing works. so far all i can do is boot to dos with cd rom. maybe this wasn't the first time my system was messed with becuase. my firewall has been acting strange just shutting its self off and i have been getting there weird emails from my own account saying "this is a game you are our first player" the emails are comming from my own account and are about 47 k which is strange for a message that short.

    I'm not expecting any body to be able to tell me exactly how to fix all this but if any one could tell me how to get my system to boot that would be great. or any one who has had the same thing happend to them and got through it. any help would be great

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    Hmm, well that fact that you can boot to dos with cdrom is good. Can you see if your files and programs are still there? If they are, then I'd head toward the direction of fixing the computer so it will boot back to win. Check your autoexec.bat first, to make sure that some lame batch viri didint melt it, also check your bios settings, to see what the boot order is, and if the computer is even recognizing the floppy which would prevent booting from it. If your files arent there, then you might as well use format and reinstall your OS/s
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    I agree with Syini666, if the boot system is not corrupted, reinstalling Windows is a good way to restablish your system. Make a total install and not an upgrade if you can.

    After that, install an upgraded antivirus, verify and reconfigure with strong rules your firewall, change ALL your passwords in relation with your pc (admin password, web passwords, mail passwords...), clean your mailbox (don't open e-mails), if you have a static ip ask your isp to change it, change also your Kazaa name and don't use it without a good protection.
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    They gave excellent advice, always easiest just to do the clean install, though, that way you know nothings going to be infected. Nobodies said it yet so I have to. . .don't run Kazaa for three days unattended, that's just askin' for it. Good Luck!
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    There is some kind of new piece of nastyware going around....It seems that it's related to Bin Laden....it puts pictures of Bin Laden on your HD, messes with the Favoraites and destroyes the FAT. I know someone that is a Dell Floor Tech who's been getting calls for F'ed up FAT's like mad. The calls started Today. Have no idea exactly what's up.

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