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    Exclamation Layout Competition

    When it comes to my personal homepage, I don't have the drive to really do anything with it. I've completely lost my creativity towards my own site, and I'm looking for help. I really need a new layout, sort of sophisticated, sweet, sexy, but not too girlish. My homepage was waaaaaaaay too girly for too long, too much pink and such. It's time to do a major overhaul and I'm asking some of you to help me out.

    My full homepage was deleted some time ago by someone who was very angry with me, and I'm not going to get into that whole story, but I started working on it again not too long ago, just to get a front page up, and personally...I HATE IT.

    My old homepage looked similar to this:

    The layout I threw together looks like this:

    I guess the best way to get a response is to host a contest, in which the best layout will be chosen. I have quite a large list of clientele, that I would be willing to redirect to you, bring you some business or whatnot, since I'm not going to pay for a layout to use on my personal site. You will receive full credit, and I'm adding my own security/programming/design section into the mix as I get this up and going, and I'm hoping a catchy layout will grab my attention and drive again to work on my own site.

    I'm going to be adding a flash intro to my site...and one of my wish list items include a similar background to what Elona X design used in her SWiSH intro:

    If you know how to do something like that, because I certainly don't...let me know...

    I'd be forever in debt to whoever can help me out.

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    Yea I can relate to the whole lack of innovation sometimes and everything. I have always found that working on other people's stuff is always more fun than my own stuff. I guess it always goes back to the grass always greener thing. I can't promise you anything concrete right now, but I'll really try and see what I can do to help out.

    I've been trying to get motivated to finish up learning flash, but you know life is so complicated...haha...guess you can relate to that. Maybe doing some work for you may be a good inspiration to finally follow through.

    Well thanks for getting my brain thinking bout something else besides work for awhile. Good luck and I'll really try and help out.


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    My Artistic ability was limited to stick figures, but i must say that creating a creative web page doesn't require much. If you have an imagination and the right programs you can create whatever you want on a web page. I used a lot of photoshop, which i didn't know at all, and it was pretty simple to use. I also used some flash program but i dont remember it. Take a look at my website, www.lymb.com, not much to it because i haven't had much time to work on it. If you like anything i can certainly help you out.

    All right Take it easy.
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    I've looked at your site, and I don't think it looks bad at all, just unfinished. You're very cute, BTW!

    I know a bit of Flash, and want to learn more. I could help you out in my spare time. Do you have any idea at all what you want you page to look like?

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    Site is OK...There are issues with reading the font on the main page. The Font used for the definitions on the upper to corners is too hard to read. I like it but in general you know what I mean.

    You might consider doing something with the navigation on the left. Just the hyperlink from the text is a little boring. mouse over and image with a different font. Just my two cents worth since I am not a designer. I do have a designer who does a ssite that I host. you can check it here. http://www.trailofterror.com For a Haunted House a friend runs, I host it for him... One thing we have discussed in detail is the scrolling of pages. You want to stay away from pages that scroll down a long way. If you can eliminate it altogether the better. you want to have as much of your information when it enters the screen, if the viewer has to scroll you'll loose them. they just want to click (OK that is a generalized statement so take it for it being generalized OK)

    Enjoy and have fun
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    im presently trying the new features in quark for me web page design. typically did them using just code... im not really sure what it can do yet, but i am a graphic artist first, so yeah. i guess i got the creativity to help. just tell me what you need *singing* and i'll be there…
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    I agree with paldie, GG, the ideas are there but it needs some more readable fonts. The site is tongue-in-cheek as well as different. As I tell others, if you need some help, I will help you all I can. If you wanna see my latest work, see www.theeinkcup.com . It is far from perfect, but I'll try my best.

    Anyway, have a lot of fun!!

    /opens a soda

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    it really all depends on the experience you want your visitors to have. if you want to keep the whole tongue-in- cheek climate, go for it. just clean up your fonts and try and make better use of your white space. good example of that can be found at this site . btw - very nice picks. IMHO you should try and stay away from flash, most of the time the benefits don't equal the headaches of creation and maintainence.


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    Maybe you could check this site for inspiration !

    Hope it helps !


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    I know flash..i guess you could say i'm at an 'expert' level. I'd be happy to help you if you gave more details.
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