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    Hey, GG, is the site still open for help? I just sat down and looked at the example Flash movie you wanted to "look like" and I have to say looked very fantastic. Another good example is a band called "The Devils" www.thedevils.tv while it's very, very dark and does not fit your theme whatsoever, but the 3-d effects and ideas are simply astounding. Anyway, I bought Flash MX not too long ago (student version, so I will not ask for money ) and thought this would be an awesome oppurtunity (busts out the dictionary) to help you out.

    Anyway if you are interested, you know where I am at.

    /opens another soda

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    I can't wait to see what you've done, alittlebitnumb. I apologize for not responding sooner, as I haven't been checking the forums as regularly lately. I'm probably easier to find via e-mail or IRC.

    BTW, the layout on that page is something I just stuck up there temporarily for lack of a white page and black text. I certainly don't like it.

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    Ah, don't worry about it. I am excited about getting this thing done, but with the new tutorial I am making, it's gonna be a tad slow. Yes, I will see you and everybody else in IRC!

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    Ok let me see if I can be of some help.

    First, to tell you the truth GreekGoddess, I agree with paldie and alittlebitnumb, the fonts can be a little clearer. Also I notice that on your navigation bar some of the titles clashes with the background, you might want to take care of that too. I notice you used an imap for you nav. bar, I guess when placing the titles on there you could impose a background with each inorder to avoid the clash.

    Above all, your ideas are in the right place and the page looks promising. Very unique I must say and that's very nice.

    Like you and a lot of others I haven't worked on my personal page in a long while but here is a page me and some other guys created for an organization at MSU. The page is http://www.csoweb.org it has flash on there along with css layouts and picture distribution.

    I can say that I am pretty good at flash and would be willing to help you out but I am in the process of moving and my computer is at my new place. I am still working at my old address and will be there until the 19th which I think will be too late to start. I don't have full access to a computer besides work and at work my time is limited. If by that time you still need help, I will be willing to help you.

    Good luck with your project and fell free to pm me to ask for anything.

    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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    I want to help too Greek Goddes !!! I can do almost anything with html/flash/etc. I made some cool thing already and I will send you an example if you like. I can't give links now.
    I didn't saw you on IRC for some while because I can't stay up all night anymore , so I had to say it here.
    Bye now --kwiep
    Double Dutch

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