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Thread: Social commentary on sports

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    Social commentary on sports

    The American miracle is the great American myth of mobility, the deep belief that we can all get there someday. So we usually don't resent our betters. We vote and behave as if we really might be in their shoes someday. So a tax cut for the rich doesn't seem nearly as outrageous as it might to a European who grows up in an entrenched class system. And a president who puts his corporate buddies first seems all right to us, because if we play our cards right and catch some breaks, maybe we too can get to be insider traders someday.


    This has been my attitude, but some times I wonder.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    honestly i think that there is nothing to complain that much about. we got to watch 3+ hours of good baseball, bonds went deep, we saw a great defensive play by tori hunter ans not to mention the best players in the game compete against each other. besides, how much later can most people stay up to watch more baseball. most of us have to get up early to go to work that nexted day.

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    I agree...while it was too bad a winner was not decided the All Star Game was still a good time. I do, however, with they could have awarded the Ted Williams MVP award, even if it had to be awarded to two players.

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