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Thread: just a ZIP question ???

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    Question just a ZIP question ???

    ok there am just wondering and want to ask i got a zip that i locked in powerarchiver and i formated so i lost backup where password was i got part of it but cant remember rest of it dont think am gona crack someones zip i can send it or show screen of it its my school stuff and some of icons i got for my project in computer science and now am unable to open ani ideas tried hex and some zip password recover tools but they didnt work dont get me wrong i need this files for finishing of school am in canada but like you see my writing is bad and you can tell am not from here am from yugoslavia so if anyone has any idea to help me please respon thx alot to all you people out there

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    If you've already tried zip password crackers, and didn't get anything, then maybe you could post it here and see if anyone here can open it for you. That is of course unless you have something in there that you don't want any of us to see.

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    Here is a link to some ZIP file cracking program...


    Hope this helps...

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    is that english?

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    str34m3r he yeah i do have inside my personal information some of school stuff and some of my work ... with all that i do have some picz and iconz and script irc script that am woking on so i dono i would give to someone from here but who i dont want all thoes stuf after few days on net ok
    makija@hotmail.com email me or add me on msn and we can talk thx for help guyz apriciated

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