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Thread: Detecting IRC controled trojans

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    Detecting IRC controled trojans

    There's an intersting article I found on securityfocus:

    This brings an interstring question: while we push for more encryption, it also makes detection with NIDSs... I guess a solution might be to favor distributed IDSs with central managment/logging. Some vendors are already pushing this but open source world doesn't seem to be catching on to this...


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    ammo, this may be of interest to you, it’s a paper on the analysis of an IRC trojan.

    Sorry i don't remember where i got it from!
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    That paper is online here. It was written as part of Lenny Zeltser's GCIH certification prcess. In other words, it was written for SANS. His homepage is http://www.zeltser.com/ . He has some neat toys and some other really good papers on his site, including one about intrusion detection.
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