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Thread: can our computer harm us ???

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    Lightbulb can our computer harm us ???

    hello friends..
    here are some jpeg images which shows the postures and the hand and finger positions when u sit in front of out computers.
    the things which are harmful to us and the positions which are helpful to us..

    hope this will help us a lot..

    thank u..
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    My computer harmed me once when I dropped my moniter on my foot.
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    What you described isn't really the computer harming us, rather ourselves letting our posture go. Same could be said about sitting in front of the tv, waiting in a dental office or in a meeting.

    Now if you really want to talk about computers harming us, talk about the radiation from the monitors, electrical shocks from the power supply, the CD shards from an exploded CD in a drive, the scratchy sounds from bad audio files, the electrical shocks from headsets/speakers, hot melted plastic from bad motherboards..... get the idea?

    Thanks for the FYI anywho

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    interesting, 3 of my postures were wrong: my monitor is too high, my wrists aren't level and I hold my mouse wrong. Eh, nobody's perfect!
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    LOL tyger_claw, thats true I rememeber a server at schools fan went wrong when no-body was around, When we finally relised that it had gone wrong(it's in it own little room the case was red hot.

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    RSI is a big problem in the computing world. I am sure i have a mild version of it in my Y finger (too much use of left side of keyboard :P) Make sure your postures right and possibly invest in a ergonomic keyboard. They work wonders

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