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    Question " how to open and close ports"

    Hello friends
    recently i did a port scan of my computer using superscan 3.0 which indicated tht my port no 25 ,139,and 110 were opened,,,
    after some time i again did a port scan then to my utter suprise, it showed only 139 port open and tht means 25 and 110 were closed,,, then hoe could i read and send mail?

    anyways when again i did a port scan then it showed port no 139 and 5101 open...
    my prob is how can i open port no110 and 25 and what for port no 5101 is open,, i also checked a online port list to find out what standard service is running on this port (5101),, but it wasnt listed there....

    any help is highly welcomed

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    how can i open port no110 and 25 and what for port no 5101 is open
    I don't totally understand what you mean there. But if you want to close it then get a firewall and give your e-mail program access and see if anything tries to open port 5101. And to make sure it is closed scan yourself again. And as for
    then hoe could i read and send mail?
    you may probably checked for new mail and sent mail out at the time. And as for port 139, do you have file and printer sharing enabled in the network setting in the control panel? If so then shut it off. If not then you are probably running windows95 and you need to either update or install a firewall.

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    heres how I close ports, but I dont think this will work for you.

    /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p UDP --dport 139 -j REJECT
    /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p TCP --dport 139 -j REJECT

    btw, I found this on port 5101

    "All versions of Yahoo messenger version 5. Listens on port 5101 on client
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