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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    Hi guys

    I want to get into the security side of computers and would be grateful if some of the more experienced users could point me in the right direction. ie What tutorials to begin with.

    Ta in advance


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    Well, to start with, what do you know? Where do your talents and interests lie? Do you work in the computer/networking/information technology field and if so what kind of stuff do you do? It's fantastic that you've taken an interest in computer/network security, and of course this site is a great start, but we need to know where to begin...

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    Well, you can start in many different areas, depending what you want to learn and what you know. If you don't know about the TCP/IP protocol and it's working, I suggest you start there.

    A great start for learning TCP/IP: http://tutorials.beginners.co.uk/read/id/282
    A good guide to some TCP/IP-based utilites: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1739.html

    TCP/IP definition from:
    - whatis.com: http://searchnetworking.techtarget.c...214173,00.html
    - webopedia.com: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/T/TCP_IP.html

    Also, if your wanting to know about securing your PC, I'd recommend reading up on ports and what their purpose is, which will lead you to find out how they are exploited by people to attack a system or PC - which you can then obviously learn how to prevent this from happening to you.

    Just a brief description of ports - gives it how it is: http://www.pcflank.com/art2.htm
    List of port number: http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers

    Anyways, if that's the kinda stuff your interested in learning, should be a good start...unless you know it already.

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    OK, i work in tech support and have a good knowledge of computer h/w and s/w.
    I also have basic VB and HTML skills.
    My interests as i stated are in computer/network security and all aspects of computers.
    I will be enrolling on a MCP win2000 course this September, hopefully then going on to do my MSCA or MCSE.
    I just have a lust for knowledge and want to learn, learn, learn!

    Hope this makes my needs a bit more clearer.



    I know a good few protocols, there definitions and purposes.
    Also i know the purposes of ports and some of the purposes of certain ports.

    I have a basic knowledge as yous have probably seen but thats why i want to furthe myself and hopefully my career.

    Thanx again for the replies guys


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    These sites will have information on which you can review. www.ntsecurity.nu - www.securityfocus.com - www.NSA.gov - also Microsoft.com puts on free security clinic under events. Nothing too great, but I received some neat free stuff (Windows XP Pro; Microsoft Office 2000; a back pack and some other nifty things)

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    Like they said, this is a good site, search the site because there have been *many* tutorials posted for newbies that will get you off in the right foot. Eventually you will need to learn a programming language or two. www.programmersheaven.com for tutorials. I would reccomend Perl or C programming.
    Search First Ask Second. www.google.com

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    buy some books like hacking exposed

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    The first think I would recommend learn how it works first. Becuase if you do not have a great understanding of how the network infrastructure works, you might kow how to secure it but if a client/boss asks a question about this or that... you have to know your shite.... Security is really everyone business, I know this might cause some flack from people, and I know security is the next big up and coming "god" in the market place (like MCSE was two years ago) but everyone needs to be concerned about security and we all need to follow better guidelines. The problem is what is secure to one person is vulnerable to another. Learn, Read, as much as you can and ask questions all the time...

    On another note I wouldn't shell out alot of money to get a one week training couse from just any professional training company. I know too many people who have wasted $$ on courses to have bad trainers, or bad equipement. Do your homework and use the course as part of your self-paced training program. One week in a course ain't gonna cut it, you need to play with the stuff to know it. you need to know TCP port numbers and how they work in allowing/blocking traffic, you need to know Routing and ACL lists and how the effect trafic and security networks. you need to know encryption and wireless encryption and why it is so vitally important to a WLAN. You need to know why a Pringles Can can treaten you Wireless Network (if you don't believe that one, go find Mr. Google and look-it-up) there is so much to know it is hard to think about everything, and of course you have to be totally open-minded to grean information from other people no matte who they are, I have learned stuff I didn't know from Junior Techs...(they are so stoked that they knew something that I didn't...not that I know everything because by no means do I... I feel like a novice in the world of technology there is SOOOO MUCH to learn)

    Good Luck and study hard... There is always someone out there looking to compromise your net...

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    Well, for network secutiry, definately learn TCP/IP, then learn about sockets and how programs comunicate over a network. I also sugest checking out sites like http://neworder.box.sk to get the latest scoop on exploits, security holes and such. There are so so many sites out there provideing computer security information. So I sugest visiting those kinds of sites often to familiarize yourself with vulnerabilities and patching holes. This site is a very good resource for security information, just reading posts can teach you alot. So get familiar with networking, protocols, and difernt methods of gaining un-authorized access to networks. www.google.ca is a great serch engine imho for finding information, they have a directory listing, advanced search, and such. As well check out the alt.comp.* news groups,.
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