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Thread: Poem: Gone Is The Night

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    Gone Is The Night

    I wrote this at 03:40 AM

    Sitting alone,
    Watching the sky,
    As night turns to day
    In the month of July.
    It's four in the morning,
    Dawn is breaking.
    The black of the night
    Becomes a blue sky,
    Were it not for the street lights,
    It would be a beautiful scene.
    Were it not for the houses,
    The horizon is clean.

    A new day is dawning,
    And just like before,
    I was awake as it happened,
    To witness it all.

    The hum of computers,
    In use just minutes before.
    The light of a desk lamp,
    As I sit here and write,
    The sound of a pencil,
    the dark of the night.
    Both will be gone soon,
    As the Sun gives us light.

    Clouds can be seen now,
    The sky, almost light.
    Again it is daytime,
    And gone is the night.
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    (The Lord Of The Rings)

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    How entrancing, if you happen to make more please PM them to me. We can share, I also write...

    Just an offer, take it or leave it.
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    Lol, the Poem war's are on...

    Nice one Andy...

    - Noia
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    yeah spike, if you have any more work, feel free to pm me with it. I have some of my own stuff too.

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