Why I hate unicenter
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Thread: Why I hate unicenter

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    Why I hate unicenter

    Everyone vaunts those enterprise management software suites which consumes horrendous amounts of disk and memory yet we have to put it on every *****ing server...sigh...my poor unix boxes.

    Anyways, today I get a call from Ops saying "Unicenter's using up one of the procs entirely, can you look at it?". I go look and see this:

    Memory: 344772K (214292K) real, 1526852K (1344436K) virtual, 60556K free Page# 1/9

    3 ? 3740 root 241 20 1031M 180K run 2796:02 93.02 92.86 oprsafd

    The oprsafd is some daemon used by CA Unicenter and this bastard of a process has been alive for 2796 minutes (over 40 hours) and has consumed/locked/chewed through *ONE GIG* of memory...

    I hate unicenter....bash trash loot and sack!
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    I hate Hands On Technology Transfer (www.traininghott.com) they screwed me over on the same C++ class 7 or 8 times now, and will not refund my $1795. (all I get is) "We will let you know when we schedule the next meeting in your area". They have cancelled the previous 7 or 8, so whats to make me think the next one will go on?

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    Not to mention it basically makes your computer look like it has been trojaned if you install the whole suite...Gotta love invasive software...

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