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    Tutorial Writters Tutorial

    Some people have written really good tutorial on here. Some people have written complete crap. There are quite a few, though, that would be better if they were written better. This is just a quick idea of how to make your tutorial look better, so it is more useful. The Format Options at the end are good for everyone though, because I have seen a few posts where someone tried to do a formatting command, but had no idea what they were doing.

    Make your tutorial look nice. Don't be afraid to use Bold for section titles. Use an underline now and then if you want to convey emphasis. Place code in a code box. The abilities are there, don't be afraid to use them. Just don't over use them. Yes, the end of this post is definitely an overuse off formatting codes, but in this case, it has to be done.... Remember, if you are going to copy and paste something, put it in a quote box, and site your source. Don't copy/paste an entire tutorial, and don't claim credit for things you didn't write.

    Make sure that everything is readable. Run it through a spell checker before you post it. Make sure that everything flows in a decent order. There have been a lot of tutorials posted that required no thought. Someone just typed everything they knew about a subject and clicked post. Topics jump around. There is no order to anything. If you have to, write an outline first. Take some time to decide exactly what you want to say and how you want to covey it. A short, well-written tutorial is better then a long-winded tutorial that gives a lot of information, but can't be read.

    Format Options
    This is a general overview for all posts. Many people seem to be having problems using the PHP codes that JP has included for special text formatting. Especially since most people use the "Quick Post" link instead of the "New Post" section. Remember that everything is done in brackets.... [] so the format is.... [option]text[/option]

    I Italics
    B Bold
    U Underline
    Size=1 Small
    Size=4 Huge Size options are 1 to 4
    FONT=arial font change options are arial, times, courier, century
    COLOR=#1166aa color by hex, or
    COLOR=blue color by name...options are blue, sky blue, royal blue, dark-blue, orange, orange-red, crimson, red, silver, teal, chocolate, sienna, sandy brown, burlywood, indigo, purple, coral, tomato, deeppink, sea-green, limegreen, green, dark red, firebrick
    [glowpurple]glowpurple purple glow[/glowpurple]
    [gloworange]gloworange orange glow[/gloworange]
    [shadow]shadow shadowed text[/shadow]
    [pong]pong moving....[/pong]
    [blur]blur blurry [/blur]
    [flip]flip mirror image [/flip]... that was flip
    website....in brackets, place URL=http://www.whatever.com after ] place the text to be seen
    contact ...in brackets, place EMAIL=bob@hotmail.com after ] place the text to be seen
    CODE  for code...keeps formatting and spaces...
    PHP Code:
     PHP     php codegives colors... 
    • list= lists
    • 1 numbered list
    • a alphabetical list
    • just list (no =) bulleted list
    • * for items...for each item, put an * in brackets

    QUOTE quoted text....
    To insert an image, use IMG after the ] give the url for the image
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    Nice tutorial and I think it is one that people with benefit from.

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    fantastic. i tutorial tutorial. i think i've seen it all.
    just like water off a duck\'s back... I AM HERE.

    for CMOS help, check out my CMOS tut?

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    that's nice, considering I am in the Process of writing two tutorials, they will be much better now.

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    I don't know how many times I have been asked for a tutorial like this, but if I had a pound for each time I would certainly have enough change for a coffee

    Good job Souleman!
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    Damn! You beat me to it souleman! I was in the middle of writing a tutorial about writing tutorials.

    Nice work by the way, although I'd ask people to avoid excessive use of moving text.
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    I like tutorials.
    But more. I like the unfinished tutorials out there.

    You know, the tuts you've never finished.

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    Originally posted here by noODle
    I like tutorials.
    But more. I like the unfinished tutorials out there.

    You know, the tuts you've never finished.
    Why would you like unfinished tutorials?
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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