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Thread: Swordfish DVD

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    Question Swordfish DVD

    Hey All,

    I just watched the DVD of Swordfish and was checking out the special features that DVD sports. On the Swordfish DVD, it has an area that sais to see more extras, you must "hack" the DVD. Obviously this requires a DVD-Rom to access.

    Was just wondering if anyone has seen the DVD (actually, if anyone owns it) and has a DVD-Rom and tried to "hack" it?

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    A friend of mine has ( OWNES : ) the dvd but I havn't seen (tested; ) the DVD-Rom part..

    will do soon (somewhere next week) and post here the results or (hidden) a small tutorial..
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    They did an online test w/ pepsi in order to hack the trailer and get free movie passes. Check the pepsi site for all the passwords. I think the swordfish website reveils the passwords also. They were printed on pepsi bottles and the movie posters.

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